20 years

Incredible that 20 years ago the inevitable happened!! It doesn’t seem like 20 years ago!! I remember it like yesterday!! Every generation has something that stands out like WW2, WW1, The Civil Rights Era, JFK assassination, also my generation has had events like Columbine, Sept 11th, OKC bombing!! I also remember the days after 9/11 where Americans of all creeds, race and faith came together & put aside their differences to help each other!! I wish that we were back to those simpler times because honestly we need to be like that especially during the climate that we are in!! I think most people can tell you where they were on that September day!! I remember White House Chief Of Staff Andrew Card went into a classroom in Florida where President George W Bush was in class listening to kids reading reading story!! Andrew Card went to President Bush & whispered in his ear that America was under attack!! President Bush didn’t leave the classroom right away because he didn’t want to cause a scene!! You see terrorists took down the World Trade Center towers and crashed into the Pentagon, and crashed a plane into Shanskville Pennsylvania!! American Airlines & United Airlines were directly involved that day!! We need to never forget this important event in American History!! Until next time be kind y’all!! Also attached is a picture that is featured at an American Airlines maintenance base!! Also the other picture is a flight patch for American Airlines that features Flight 11 & Flight 77!!

Are U OK Day!!!!

Today we are going to talk about the stigma of suicide & also the important question of Are U OK? It’s National Suicide Prevention week!!! Such a powerful week!! I for one have been impacted by suicide & I know the toll that it takes on a family & as an individual!! I know that it’s a tough thing to deal with!! We are definitely not perfect individuals!! You know I really wish that I could see my brother again!! I know I will see him again!! I can’t begin to tell you why he did what he did!! In closing with the suicide topic if you are struggling reach out to people that you know love you & that you trust!! On to Are U OK Day, look how many times has someone asked you that question & you answered that you are & you really aren’t? I bet you everyone of us has!!! The same thing could be said, check in with people!! People will listen to you & people do care!!! Until next time be kind & check in on each other!!!

Simone Biles

Let’s talk about Simone Biles!!! I agree & stand by her decision!! I know some don’t agree with this but hey it’s a free country & as we all know mental health has been at the very forefront lately with regards to her & Naomi Osaka!!! Mental health is & will still be a very important topic!! Listen I know most don’t want to speak up about it because they would rather fight it by themselves but y’all as Hemingway once wrote “No man is an island!” That is especially true during a fight of mental illness!! Mental illness can take on all different forms as well!! I also just saw Simone withdrew from individual competition!! I also like what Michael Phelps had to say earlier, he basically said as an Olympic athlete you are in the spotlight from an early age & you are expected to do this and that & it’s extremely hard to do it when you have all this pressure on you!! We can look at individuals that battled mental health & unfortunately it got the better of them but I know most don’t want to do it but seek help!! I know that if you know me then you can always message me, if you have friends that you talk to message them, people would be glad to talk to you!!! Until next time go be kind!!!

A century later

I originally had planned to write this about a month ago but life got in the way!! So this is something every American actually everybody needs to know!! The reason I picked the title is this weekend will mark the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre!! This is something that I was never taught in school & yet it happened in my state & city!! I have researched this event & I wrote extensively about this a few months ago!! This was very devastating to the African American community!! Tulsa had what is known as Black Wall Street!!!! It’s a sad story that is very sad & yet it should be included in American History books!! I really hope that something of this magnitude never happens again!! I know the saying that history is bound to repeat itself & yet even though this was in the roaring 20’s I hope that my generation doesn’t see this!! I know that race relations are frail right now anyways with the BLM movement & so much more!! Let us never forget & always remember!! Be Kind Always until next time be well

2 major events!!!

So the title describes 2 major events that took place on April 19th albeit different time periods, the OKC bombing & the shots fired at Lexington & Concord!! April 19th 1995 will always be burned into my memory because as an Okie it starts the Oklahoma Standard!! 168 individuals were killed when Timothy McVeigh blew up the Alfred P Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma!! McVeigh was fueled by anger & resentment at the federal government because of Waco!! However instead of focusing on McVeigh let me talk about some good that came out of that day!! The Oklahoma Standard & The Survivor Tree!!! Folks the Oklahoma Standard is very strong because as President Clinton said at the time & it still rings true Oklahomans always come together during tragedy & even triumph!! September 11th is a good example many Okies went to NYC to help out, also in Oklahoma we often get tornadoes & after a storm blows through we are out helping our neighbors because that’s the right thing to do!! The Survivor Tree is neat because it’s an American Elm that survived the blast 26 years ago today!! Also they planted seedlings in NYC from this tree!! I encourage you to visit this sacred site if you visit OKC!! Onto Concord & Lexington, April 19th 1775 started the American Revolution!! I love the David & Goliath aspect of this fight because the British were very well armed compared to the Americans!! However the American militia drove the Red Coats back to Boston with a win!! It started the wake up call for the Americans especially because the Red Coats were coming to take over!! I will expound more on these stories later!! Until then try to be kind!!

Something needs to change!

The hate towards the Asian community has to stop! Its very appalling! They have been under intense scrutiny just because a person in power makes a rash decision to put Japanese Americans in concentration camps during a tough time in our nation’s history! The other day I saw a fellow Okie, Olivia Munn talk about the hate that Asian Americans receive, it’s not funny nor is it cool! You also have the previous administration make rash comments all the time, especially going after the Asian community when it comes to the Coronavirus! Hate is a very despicable word to use in any form! You see aren’t we called to love others? We are all different however we all bleed the same! Here’s the deal, if you see somebody different than you getting abused verbally or any format stand up for them, speak up, don’t turn a blind eye! We all need to do better! I am reminded of Stephani’s example when it comes to this! She has a heart of gold! She helps out the people that society turns a blind eye to! You see we definitely need more people like her in this world! We can do better as society & we definitely should! Thank you for reading this & above all be kind


Yesterday was a somber reminder in World History that humanity is cruel & evil! What comes to mind when you hear the word Buchenwald, Auschwitz? I hope it reminds you of the depravity of himanity!! I have been reading first hand accounts of what life was like in those camps & it brings me to tears!! Even as a German it hurts!!! I have visited the Boston Holocaust Memorial & it’s a sobering experience!!! They have steam that comes up from the ground to remind you of the ovens!!! Auschwitz in particular had at least 1.3 million inmates!! At least 1.1 million souls were killed!! The Soviet Union actually repatriated the camp!!! The death toll of the Jews during this period was crazy 5,896,577 all lost their lives!!! I have always said that I actually want to visit Germany & to walk through camps like Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Bergen-Belsen, Dachau to name a few!!! I hope we never ever have to experience something along this magnitude!!! In the coming days & weeks I will focus on some more stuff that I have learned from these first hand accounts!! Until then Go Be Kind!!!

Goodbye 2020

Well today is New Years Eve in America!!! Tonight at midnight we will move into 2021!!! The end of a decade & the start of a new one!! Some people make New Years Resolutions & I am not one of them, yeah there are certain things I want to do, however most people don’t follow through with resolutions or they flat out give up!! Hey that’s fine!!! I sincerely hope that 2021 is a great year for you!! If you would have said that we would have gone through almost a full year with a global pandemic then most people would have thought that you were crazy!!! Present company included!! We saw so many things over this last decade as well!! One thing I do ask is this & it’s simple!!! Please be kind!!! This year has been hard on everybody!! We all know people that have been affected by COVID!!! I read a sobering statistic in the paper Sunday about depression & suicide!! Unfortunately it’s trending & not in a good way!! We don’t know what other people are going through!!! Lend your ear to those who need it!!! Sometimes that’s all that matters!!! So in closing Happy New Year!!! Hopefully 2021 is a fantastic year for you & yours!!! Until then please be kind!!!

Veterans Day

I would like to write about Veterans Day!! Yes I know it was Wednesday but still it’s truly a very important day all around!!! I haven’t had the honor of visiting the famous memorials in Washington D.C!! I did get an opportunity while in Australia to visit the Anzac memorial!! That’s an incredible memorial!! Anzac broadly refers to the Australian & New Zealand forces!! I have had the opportunity to walk where heroes that fought during the American Revolution & The Civil War have walked & honestly you get chills!! You see I can only imagine what it would have felt like storming the beaches of Normandy, walking through Flanders Fields, walking the jungles of Vietnam, walking through Antietam, Bunker Hill, Iraq, Kuwait!! You see we owe it all to the brave men & women who forsook everything to answer the call of their country & join their respective military & some would see conflict. The names like Eisenhower, Montgomery, Patton, John McCrae, Dowding, Mountbatten, De Gaulle, Marshall, MacArthur, Bradley!!! These men were all heroes during WW2!! With the exception of McCrae he was a Canadian physician who coined the famous poem “In Flanders Fields” that poem was written during WW1!! You see when you see a veteran thank them or better yet listen to their stories because folks the WW2 veterans are sadly a dying breed!!! Buy them a meal or a drink or help them around the house!! They deserve it!! May we sincerely never forget the sacrifices the brave men and women gave up for their country!! May we never ever treat our veterans like the ones coming home from Vietnam were treated!!! They were treated harshly!! They were spit at, called names!!! The veterans deserve our respect!! In closing honor our veterans daily!!! Love y’all!!!

Justin Wade Martin

Justin Wade Martin is my brothers name!!! Today would have been his birthday!! Justin was my only brother!! I know he would love this time of year!! One key reason is because of baseball!! Justin loved baseball & he was a phenomenal athlete!! His Dodgers are one win away from winning the fall classic!! I didn’t spend much time with him because of unfortunate issues but nevertheless Justin was a great brother!! Justin you would have loved to meet your son!! He looks just like you!! Justin I miss you dearly!! I hear the statement that “Time heals all wounds” but honestly I don’t believe that!! I still feel the pain of his loss!! I can only imagine what you would have done for a career!! Whether it be welding or becoming a mechanic!! Justin I will never know why you did what you did what you did but I still miss you!! Who knows if you would still be leaving in Kentucky or back home to Oklahoma. I remember one of the last things that we did together, we traipsed through Collinsville lake & through the Caney river!! I got poison ivy & you didn’t!! I know I didn’t like it because of the circumstances of that time!! I will love you forever Justin!! Love your loving brother Dylan