Yesterday was a somber reminder in World History that humanity is cruel & evil! What comes to mind when you hear the word Buchenwald, Auschwitz? I hope it reminds you of the depravity of himanity!! I have been reading first hand accounts of what life was like in those camps & it brings me to tears!! Even as a German it hurts!!! I have visited the Boston Holocaust Memorial & it’s a sobering experience!!! They have steam that comes up from the ground to remind you of the ovens!!! Auschwitz in particular had at least 1.3 million inmates!! At least 1.1 million souls were killed!! The Soviet Union actually repatriated the camp!!! The death toll of the Jews during this period was crazy 5,896,577 all lost their lives!!! I have always said that I actually want to visit Germany & to walk through camps like Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Bergen-Belsen, Dachau to name a few!!! I hope we never ever have to experience something along this magnitude!!! In the coming days & weeks I will focus on some more stuff that I have learned from these first hand accounts!! Until then Go Be Kind!!!

Goodbye 2020

Well today is New Years Eve in America!!! Tonight at midnight we will move into 2021!!! The end of a decade & the start of a new one!! Some people make New Years Resolutions & I am not one of them, yeah there are certain things I want to do, however most people don’t follow through with resolutions or they flat out give up!! Hey that’s fine!!! I sincerely hope that 2021 is a great year for you!! If you would have said that we would have gone through almost a full year with a global pandemic then most people would have thought that you were crazy!!! Present company included!! We saw so many things over this last decade as well!! One thing I do ask is this & it’s simple!!! Please be kind!!! This year has been hard on everybody!! We all know people that have been affected by COVID!!! I read a sobering statistic in the paper Sunday about depression & suicide!! Unfortunately it’s trending & not in a good way!! We don’t know what other people are going through!!! Lend your ear to those who need it!!! Sometimes that’s all that matters!!! So in closing Happy New Year!!! Hopefully 2021 is a fantastic year for you & yours!!! Until then please be kind!!!

Veterans Day

I would like to write about Veterans Day!! Yes I know it was Wednesday but still it’s truly a very important day all around!!! I haven’t had the honor of visiting the famous memorials in Washington D.C!! I did get an opportunity while in Australia to visit the Anzac memorial!! That’s an incredible memorial!! Anzac broadly refers to the Australian & New Zealand forces!! I have had the opportunity to walk where heroes that fought during the American Revolution & The Civil War have walked & honestly you get chills!! You see I can only imagine what it would have felt like storming the beaches of Normandy, walking through Flanders Fields, walking the jungles of Vietnam, walking through Antietam, Bunker Hill, Iraq, Kuwait!! You see we owe it all to the brave men & women who forsook everything to answer the call of their country & join their respective military & some would see conflict. The names like Eisenhower, Montgomery, Patton, John McCrae, Dowding, Mountbatten, De Gaulle, Marshall, MacArthur, Bradley!!! These men were all heroes during WW2!! With the exception of McCrae he was a Canadian physician who coined the famous poem “In Flanders Fields” that poem was written during WW1!! You see when you see a veteran thank them or better yet listen to their stories because folks the WW2 veterans are sadly a dying breed!!! Buy them a meal or a drink or help them around the house!! They deserve it!! May we sincerely never forget the sacrifices the brave men and women gave up for their country!! May we never ever treat our veterans like the ones coming home from Vietnam were treated!!! They were treated harshly!! They were spit at, called names!!! The veterans deserve our respect!! In closing honor our veterans daily!!! Love y’all!!!

Justin Wade Martin

Justin Wade Martin is my brothers name!!! Today would have been his birthday!! Justin was my only brother!! I know he would love this time of year!! One key reason is because of baseball!! Justin loved baseball & he was a phenomenal athlete!! His Dodgers are one win away from winning the fall classic!! I didn’t spend much time with him because of unfortunate issues but nevertheless Justin was a great brother!! Justin you would have loved to meet your son!! He looks just like you!! Justin I miss you dearly!! I hear the statement that “Time heals all wounds” but honestly I don’t believe that!! I still feel the pain of his loss!! I can only imagine what you would have done for a career!! Whether it be welding or becoming a mechanic!! Justin I will never know why you did what you did what you did but I still miss you!! Who knows if you would still be leaving in Kentucky or back home to Oklahoma. I remember one of the last things that we did together, we traipsed through Collinsville lake & through the Caney river!! I got poison ivy & you didn’t!! I know I didn’t like it because of the circumstances of that time!! I will love you forever Justin!! Love your loving brother Dylan

April 19th 1995

April 19th 1995 is a very important date in American History. Timothy McVeigh & Terry Nichols were involved in what was then the first major terrorist incident in American History. The Oklahoma City Bombing. The target was the Alfred P Murrah Federal Building!! The way it was accomplished was with a Ryder truck. 168 dead and countless injured. I was 10 when it happened. If you get a chance you need to visit this sobering, solemn site. There are 168 chairs in the field where the site was. Every year Okies across the nation take time out of our day to reflect on this day. You see there is a standard that was set that day & we refer to it as the Oklahoma Standard. There is an American Elm that survived the powerful blast & it is on the site as well. When September 11th happened Oklahoma firefighters went on call to OKC to help to pay back the brave NYC firemen who came to OKC in their time of need. As a result NYC was gifted with a seedling from that American Elm that graces the site of the OKC bombing. Also when the OKC Thunder get new players the GM Sam Presti brings new players to the OKC bombing memorial museum. You will leave changed after you leave the museum!!


Familia is the Spanish word for family!!! Family comes in many forms!! Family sticks together, is there when you need them! Family is a lifeline. Like I wrote in my last entry about my sister, I love to write. As members of a family you experience love & loss & reconciliation. A good friend of mine experienced loss!! It impacted her family. You see a loss leaves a huge hole in your heart. I know all too well about that because when Justin died I lost a piece of my heart. My heart was patched back up Monday night while visiting my sister. You see family heals wounds that are there. We all need family to thrive during rough days. I am so thankful for you Shannon!! I am glad that you are my sister!! I love you


Hi there, I know it’s been a while since I wrote anything here!!! I figured I would write a blog entry about someone that is special to me!!! My most common form of any medium for me is writing!! I am talking about my wonderful sister who frankly I saw for the first time in years Monday night. She is my fathers daughter & I had a fun night. I saw people that I haven’t seen in years. I saw my 2 nieces, my great niece & my nephew & my grandma. Like I said it’s been awhile since I saw any of them. There are some that are reading this that didn’t know I had another sister besides the 2 that I have. I do & she lives in another city than I do!! I love her like a brother should!! It’s the thing to do for sure. I told some good friends of mine that this post would be emotional & honestly it has been. My sisters name is Shannon & she is as awesome as they come. She is kind, hilarious & sweet!!! As we all know those are good qualities to have. Like I stated earlier it’s important to have family in your life. Even though we go through seasons of not seeing or hearing from family it’s important to show that you still care and are there for them!!! We had a great dinner together with other family members that stopped by. Having a family to me means that when you fight your battles that you will never be alone. That they will fight for & with you & that will never ever change regardless of circumstances!! Shannon I am blessed to have you in my life!! You and Skye & Jasmine & Tyrece are a blessing for sure. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together & I was telling my friends about it. They were so thrilled for us. I would honestly love to do it again. I know this pandemic has people on edge but we will get through this together!! I love you so much!!! Your brother Dylan


Today we pause & remember the events of September 11th!! It was a peaceful night on September 10th 2011 but the world would soon change just a few hours later. American Airlines & United Airlines were the 2 airlines involved that dreadful day! American flight 11 was scheduled to fly from Boston Logan to LAX. United flight 175 was also flying from Boston Logan to LAX at 8:46 EST AA flight 11 hit the north tower. At 9:03 am EST UA flight 175 hit the south tower. Also AA flight 77 was flying from Washington Dulles to LAX. It hit the Pentagon at 9:37 am EST. UA flight 93 was flying from Newark to San Francisco however it crashed in a field in Shanksville Pennsylvania at 10:03 am EST. Nearly 2,996 people lost their lives & over 6,000 people were injured. It was a dark day in American history. I am reminded about that day when I walk into work. So many people became heroes on that day. Neighbors helped neighbors. We all remember that day. I am reminded of President Roosevelt & his words that he said after Pearl Harbor. He said “This day will live in infamy!” September 11th will never be the same. We were all changed. The whole world came together that fateful day!!! May we never forget the sacrifices that were made!!!

Special Part 3 = Depression

That word above carries so much weight!!! It’s tough, it masks our true self, it can take over. Sometimes you don’t want to do anything, it’s like you want to lay in bed all day!! Celebrities like Robin Williams & numerous others have fought against it. Let me tell you my story if you will. I wrote an entry this morning about autism. I am 34 years old & I am autistic. I have never been in a relationship either. I had a brother. I have 2 sisters & I am close to one & the other i don’t know what she is doing. The last time I saw her was at my brothers funeral!!! My brother took his own life & I have talked about it at length here. I don’t know why he did what he did but I know he was in prison for quite a while. His name was Justin. I got a tattoo on my right wrist to remember him by. It’s a semi colon like this ;!! I am not the oldest but I am the 2nd youngest out of 4. I struggled in school with math. I was good at English & reading. In fact I remember the teacher calling me to read to class. I actually try to read daily. I have the Kindle app on my phone & I love it. I currently have 6 books by my bedside that I read a chapter a day!! I didn’t go to college. I am on my 5th job & I love this job. The reason I am writing this post now is because I battle depression. There are days where I will go home & cry myself to sleep. I battle people at work that love to attack me. There are days that I don’t want to get up & go to work but yet I persist!!! One of my friends battles depression & we have talked about it. She is a fighter & I applaud people that battle daily. It’s good to have a support system as well. I am blessed to have some good people around me that I can easily let them know that I am struggling, they won’t hesitate to talk to me about it. One thing I will say is if you are struggling reach out. We all have bad days, some more than others. I promise you that there are people that care about you. I may not know the person that will read this but know this I am there for you. I will listen!!! I close with this the literary great Hemingway once said “No man is an island!” You will never be alone I will be by your side!!! Thank you all so much. This series will continue

Special Pt2 = Autism

Autism!!! What do you think of when you see or hear the word autism? Well for me it’s personal!! I am autistic!! You see individuals on the spectrum often experience difficulties with social communication & interaction; & restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior, interests or activities. Symptoms are typically recognized between 1 & 2 years of age. Long term issues may include difficulties in performing daily tasks & also creating & keeping relationships & maintaining a job!!! It is estimated that between 64% & 91% of risk is due to family history. One of the things that I used to do was line up my cars down the hallway. If anyone of my siblings messed with them then I would usually scream & or cry. Another thing that autists do is have trouble making eye contact. I have a form of autism known as Aspergers Syndrome!!! I listed some famous people that had it. One person that may have it is Bill Gates & Warren Buffet & even Dennis Rodman. I know that Edison, Tesla & Newton & Einstein all supposedly were diagnosed. One thing that rings true with me is that people with AS are often the target of bullying behavior. Another thing that rings true is a fixation on a particular subject, for me it’s Red Sox baseball. One thing I want to address personally is the fact that I get called “Rainman” I know that Dustin Hoffman played an autistic savant. You see not all of us are like that. I am proud to be autistic, I just ask that you treat me with the same respect that you treat others. Another thing I want to address is NT = Neurotypical!!! You see these are people that don’t have the diagnosis of autism. I know many people that are NT’s. Some are great & some are not that great. I try to get along with others but sometimes it’s tough because for me in my opinion, I find it hard to fit in. To make friends at times, to deal with certain circumstances. The thing I want to say to you is be patient!!! Thank you all. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I won’t bite. Next time we will tackle another special needs issue!!! Once again thanks for reading this blog post!!!